Telling Others About A Loved One’s Diagnosis by Guest Blogger Intern Eilish Mendoca

You have just received the devastating news of a loved one’s diagnosis. Your mind is flooded with a mixture of questions and contradicting emotions: anger, sadness, grief, and even potential relief that there is finally an answer. Eventually, the thought of “How am I going to tell everyone?” might creep its way into your mind. Receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness is a life-altering moment for both the individual affected and their loved ones. These moments are often an emotional rollercoaster, filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Here are some tips for effectively communicating a loved one’s diagnosis to others:

  1. Consult with your loved one: Before sharing this information, consider discussing how and when they would like to share their news with others.
  2. Approach the conversation gently: When the time comes to talk to friends and family, choose an appropriate time and setting for the discussion. For example, the privacy and comfort of their own home on a quiet weekend may be a good option. This helps ensure that everyone can focus on the discussion without distractions.
  3. Be prepared: Be prepared for a range of reactions, from shock and sadness to no reaction at all.
  4. Be informed: Be informed so you can answer potential questions or concerns. Keep communication lines open if questions arise, especially if some individuals take time to process the information.

Sharing a loved one’s diagnosis is deeply personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, by approaching it with empathy, honesty, and sensitivity, you can help your loved one build a support network to navigate their diagnosis with the care and understanding they need.

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