Here are some of Jennifer’s most popular keynote topics:

Boosting Profits & Productivity Through Generational Sensitivity

Today’s workplace is comprised of colleagues, bosses and customers from up to five different adult generations. Much like gender, socioeconomics and race, our generational affiliation
strongly influences our mindset. In order for Traditionalists and
Baby Boomers to collaborate more effectively with Generations X, Y and Z, everyone has
to tweak their instinctive communication approach. This program transforms your understanding of people who aren’t your age so your profits and productivity soar!

Creating A Culture Where Employees Want To Stay

Do you know what’s going on in the minds of your current and prospective employees? At any given moment more than half of your existing team members are looking for a new job. This program will help you take concrete steps—on any budget-- to cultivating a workplace where retention is the norm and your team’s appreciation of your organization naturally draws in more customers.

Retaining Star Employees Who Are Difficult Without Losing The Rest Of The Team

15% of the population has a diagnoseable personality disorder (DSM-5). Employees with personality disorders work in your organization every day in every department and at every level of the hierarchy. While those with narcissistic, histrionic, borderline and obsessive compulsive personality disorder traits may be challenging, they often also possess talents rendering them invaluable to the organization. But if such employees are not carefully “managed”, their impact on the organization can be toxic, leading to a mass exodus of other talented staff. This program transforms attendees’ understanding of high-performance employees with personality disorder traits and their impact on teams so overall retention is dramatically improved.

What a great way to start the conference! I could see that you really connected with the audience and I heard lots of wonderful feedback about your presentation all day. You were outstanding!

Ilene Rosenthal, Program Director, Alzheimer’s Association

Check out some samples of Jennifer speaking on different topics about mindset!

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Reducing Errors In Healthcare Through Culture

Again thank you for such a robust session...I was very pleased and impressed. You are an excellent and passionate presenter and did a great job. You are a pro! We could have gone on for hours...
-Shari Manculich, Senior Manager, One PepsiCo

Jennifer is a high-energy, knowledgeable speaker who did a great job
keynoting about generational differences at our annual conference. I highly recommend her.
-Bob White Executive Director, Kentucky Senior Living Association