Know Anyone Whose Nerves Are Shot?

As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, I’d never heard anyone use terms like “anxiety” or “stress.”  But when adults I knew wanted to communicate such feelings they’d say their “nerves were shot” or they felt like they were about to have a “nervous breakdown.”

Nervous breakdown.

Nerves shot.


Stressed out.

On edge.


Whatever you may call it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people experiencing these same feelings at the same time.  Even after 9/11.

While many of us are experiencing anxious feelings, people are experiencing them for different reasons.

Some people are scared to death of getting COVID-19.

Some people are terrified that they are going to lose it if their kids don’t go back to school.

Some people are worried that a loved one will go into the hospital to die alone.

Some people are frightened that our way of life will never be the same again.

Some people are afraid to leave their house, even for groceries or other essentials.

Some people are afraid their restaurant or retail business will fail if we don’t open back up completely soon.

Some people are stressed because they’ve had to put off treatment for non-COVID related conditions.

Some people are scared they won’t be able to pay their bills.

Some people fear that we don’t have sufficient leadership to oversee this crisis.

Some people feel their rights are being stomped on.

Some people are a wreck because they believe others aren’t being careful enough.

Some people are afraid we are giving up too much freedom.

Some people are worried we have opened up too much too soon.

Some people are scared we won’t have a vaccine soon enough.

Some people are nervous a vaccine will be rushed and cause more problems.

Some people are worried more lockdowns will happen each time there is a new virus that we don’t fully understand.

Some people are scared they are never going to hug someone again.

Anxiety, worry, restlessness, “bad nerves.”  It doesn’t matter what term you use to describe these feelings.  If you are like many of us who are experiencing them, it’s important to know you are not alone. There is help. Particularly if you are somebody who has long suffered with an anxiety disorder prior to the pandemic, it is critical to address these emotions. 

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