Cruising Through Caregiving

The Stress of Covid-19 Policies And Breaking Promises

Most people don’t make promises with the plan to ever break them. But with good intentions, many caregivers often make promises to their older loved ones that are difficult, if not impossible, to keep. Such promises include statements like: I will never…put you in a nursing home. I will never…let strangers take care of you.…

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Practicing What You Teach: We are family members just like you! Guest Blog By Jenerations Speaker Stephanie Goldstein, BSW, LBSW

As an associate speaker for Jenerations Health and a practicing Care Manager, I provide education & resources on addressing concerns and questions for professionals and family caregivers.  There is no cookie cutter answer when working with humans, but I strive to provide realistic solutions and resources while meeting people where they are in their journeys.…

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You Don’t Have To Spend A Day At The Spa

Frequently when I tell family caregivers that they need to engage in better self-care they roll their eyes.  “Yeah, right.  Who has time for that?” they often say. But self-care does not need to be a day at the spa or a full-blown vacation.  It does not necessarily require extensive planning or lots of money…

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Guest Blog By Author Hannah Parker

Helping the Sandwich Generation survive the pandemic The Sandwich Generation is made up of parents who are “sandwiched” between caring for their aging parents while raising their children. These caregivers have unique challenges and often stressful daily routines especially with the current pandemic restrictions. For some, this may mean making tough decisions such as choosing…

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Five Ways Older Adults & Elementary School Children Are Challenged By Technology During The Pandemic: GUEST POST BY AUTHOR HANNAH PARKER

Author Hannah Parker

Most young children are familiar with gaming apps and can amaze most adults with their ability to maneuver characters, build Minecraft cities, or catch monsters. But unfortunately, this expertise has not proven useful when it comes to virtual learning. The average elementary school student uses several learning applications during the course of the day, none…

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Know Anyone Whose Nerves Are Shot?

As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, I’d never heard anyone use terms like “anxiety” or “stress.”  But when adults I knew wanted to communicate such feelings they’d say their “nerves were shot” or they felt like they were about to have a “nervous breakdown.” Nervous breakdown. Nerves shot. Anxious. Stressed out. On edge. Worried.…

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