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2 Questions All Sandwich Generation Caregivers Need To Ask Themselves

This healthcare crisis has been hard on everyone, particularly family caregivers.  Sandwich Generation caregivers have dealt with the challenges of kids being sent home from school unexpectedly and indefinitely, remote learning, and navigating the psychological impact this disruption has had on their children. Sandwich Generation caregivers have also had to adjust to an entirely new…

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Are You a Martyr?

If you are caregiving and people often tell you how selfless you are, is that a compliment?  Often caregivers can be too selfless, putting their own physical, mental and spiritual health at risk.  When caregivers are too selfless, they are often in the throes of martyr syndrome.  If that sounds like you, how do you…

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Is Moving In A Good Idea?

Caregivers often believe they must move Mom into their home in order to be a “good caregiver.” This especially is true when Mom has Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. During Session 5 of our Virtual Book Club for Dementia Caregivers co-sponsored by Hilarity For Charity and Oasis Senior Advisors, we discuss this theory.…

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